The mission of Invest in Children is to mobilize resources and energy to ensure the well-being of all young children in Cuyahoga County, provide supportive services to parents and caregivers, and build awareness, momentum, and advocacy in the community around children and family issues.

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Publications & Presentations

Invest in Children Infant Mortality Overview for Cuyahoga County
Infant Mortality and Invest in Children Efforts (May, 2015)

Special Needs Child Care: Parent and Provider Perceptions on Technical Assistance
Study - Special Needs Childcare 2014.pdf

Presentations from Zero to Three Conference -- December, 2014

Big Data in Early Childhood: Using Integrated Data to Guide Impact
Rob Fischer, Ph.D. & Beth Anthony, Ph.D.

Early Childhood Mental Health Outcome Evaluation
Beth Anthony, Ph.D.; Rob Fischer, Ph.D.; Rebekah Dorman, Ph.D.

NEW Invest in Children Data Briefs -- August, 2014